Kris Schmolze
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Artist & Musician


Kris Schmolze

I want to make a non-destructive and positive impact in the world through sustainable art and sustainable living. I pull items out of the waste stream giving them a different purpose than initially intended to use them in a new ways, collaging images, sounds and materials into artworks, environments and experiences.

Visual collages layer images combining old ideas into curiosities of today. By layering recorded sounds an audible collage unfolds combining recognizable notes and undistinguished noises. Constructing sustainable buildings from natural and manufactured materials integrates naturally into the environment. All of these are forms of collage are combining pre-existing materials into something new.

My previous work with interactive noise machines ties into the layering of my current soundscapes. This work is an extension of William Burroughs cutups both in sound and vision. John Cage, Bernie Kraus and Christian Marclay have influenced my approach to art and sound. Michael Reynolds has influenced my way of making sustainable homes. I draw inspiration from science and technology and how they both reform human understanding of all things while disintegrating world views.


Next Show

Oak Park Library
in Johnson County

500 Bluejacket Drive, Overland Park, KS 66214
Opening July 9th, open through August 2019